Thursday, August 27, 2009

Two interesting bits of news arrived from Tokyo. The first comes from Tiffany Godoy, an American journalist in Tokyo. The author of “Style Deficit Disorder: Tokyo Street Fashion,” Godoy knows a lot about the heart and soul—and history—of genres broadly connected with Harajuku. She and the writer Ivan Vartanian have a new book, “Japanese Goth,” due out in May, which looks at the strange aesthetic blend of rococo and heavy metal.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wardrobe Party!
Pat was feeling frumpy in the brown outfit, and fit in the red print!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Before & After

Ashley is a friend and client of my "What to Wear" wardrobe consulting. She agreed to let me snap a few shots of her in an outfit we found in her closet which is less than ideal and then, the better alternative.

The striped sweater does nothing but exaggerate her broad shoulder line, add bulk, and visually add width to her middle, while capris that pull show off her tummy. Her second outfit gives her a longer, leaner line because it is one color, dark (recedes), and it doesn't pull. The collar pulls our eyes up, and the deep V neckline does wonders for slimming and breaking up a wide area. I generally would recommend wearing full length pants to elongate even more, but if you're going to wear capris - this is the way to do it! An excellent comparison of same-category outfits that Ashley already has in her wardrobe! When she wants to be taller still, she's got fabulous heels, full length pants, and a dress that flatters via cut & color!

Thanks, Ashley!


Lena-Horne--C10101637.jpeg.jpgIf anyone argues that women don't get better with age, they haven't heard of Lena Horne.

A woman whose life wasn't easy, but the beauty of her spirit grows beyond the face of adversity.

The first photo is at age 26, the second at 69.

Today, at 92 years old, she's what we call a legend. And the reason is clear. A radiant woman can grow more lovely each passing year.

Lena Horne.jpg

Monday, August 3, 2009


Putting your best bust forward is one of the simplest ways to look younger, slimmer and healthier. It’s been said that from seventy to eighty-five percent of American women are wearing the wrong bra. Let’s change that, shall we? As you age, breakdown of the skin and breast tissue causes your breasts to sag. This problem occurs on small breasted women as well. Wearing the correct bra is simply healthier for you and your breasts. Here are some bra pointers to help you help your breasts. 

•    If you gain or lose 15 pounds or more get refitted for a new bra. 
•    The perfect position for your breasts is midway between your shoulders and your elbows. 
•    An under-wire should surround and support your breast—not poke into it. If the wire pulls away from the body in the center, then the cup size is too small. 
•    The cups should be secure against the breasts with the center of the under wire flush against the cleavage area. 
•    If one breast is larger choose the cup size that fits your larger breast.                                                       •    The band should fit around the smallest part of your back not across your shoulder blade.                      •    Your bra should be level front to back. Avoid securing your bra band too high on the back, causing the band to ride up and the cup to fall forward.                                                                                              •    Comfortable does not mean loose. A firmer band will ensure a better fit.                                                 •    You should be able to remove the straps without the breast falling much. Eighty percent of the support comes from the band and the cup not the straps.                                                                                       •    If you’re large busted lift your arms up after securing the bra band to make sure they are not dropping out of the bottom of the cup. 
  •    When your clothing size changes, so does your cup size. Refit and resize regularly. 
  •    Every brand fits differently, depending on the style and where it is manufactured. YOU NEED TO TRY SEVERAL   ON. 
  •    As a bra's band size increases, so does the cup size. For example: a 38B has a larger cup than a 36B. 
•    When part of your breast actually bulges out of the top creating four instead of two breasts, the cup is too tight