Thursday, April 22, 2010

Timeless Wardrobe Picks

Invest in Classics and they'll see you thru the years! With choices like these you can't go wrong - add your own style trends of the moment to update from year to year (or decade to decade)!

1. A little black dress made forever popular by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's. You don't need a Givenchy, just one that fits well and suits your own figure! Dress it down for day, glam it up for evening!

2. A neutral shoe sounds simpler than it may be to find in some seasons. I'm referring to a leather shoe in your own skin color (not beige or tan) which will visually extend the line of your leg. Any vertical line extended helps slim you!

3. A touch of animal print can be fun without overbearing when done in a bag or a shoe. I have a purse of my grandmother's from the 40's and a pair of heels from the 80's which are perfect to use today with neutrals or contrasting prints.

4. A pencil skirt can be sexy without revealing and appropriate at any age. If you have a boyish shape, it gives the impression of curves; if you're curvy, it plays up your figure; and it's more flattering to a plus size than a full skirt.

5. A blazer, "borrowed from the boys" oversized or feminine-fitted and shapely, is a staple that can extend your wardrobe options and carry you from morning to night!