Friday, September 28, 2012

Balance your Figure with a Blazer

Autumn is here and I am thrilled about the crisp weather! One of the most versatile and figure-flattering items of clothing in your fall wardrobe has to be the BLAZER. Not only does it give you a finished look over anything, the right cut and fit can balance your figure. Yes, even yours! You can balance wide hips by adding substance to your shoulder; just be careful to choose a length above or below your widest part. You can slim a large upper body by leaving the jacket open to visually divide it. The natural V neckline of a blazer will elongate your neck. A well-shaped, fitted jacket can actually carve you a waistline where there was none before. Want a longer, leaner look? Wear all one color head to toe and add a contrasting or coordinating blazer left open to show that vertical column!