Saturday, August 21, 2010

Conceal & Reveal Tips

Conceal: If you want to appear narrower in the shoulders, wear dark colors on top. Raglan sleeves on shirts also make your shoulders seem slimmer by drawing your eye inward. Avoid wearing anything boxy since this adds weight and does not draw the eye to a defined waist.

Reveal: Wide lapels or epaulets on your jackets will widen the look of your shoulders. Also, wearing anything with strong shoulders and a nipped waist will accentuate your shoulders.

Conceal: Audrey Hepburn was admired for her lovely long neck, but if you feel that yours is a little too long, there are ways to conceal it by wearing high crew-neck tops or turtlenecks.

Reveal: If you want the opposite effect, wearing V-necks and wide U-necks will elongate the appearance of your neck by drawing the eye down toward the d├ęcolletage.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Conceal & Reveal Strategies

I've dressed some of the most famous women in the world and promise you that every single one of them has told me that she would like to conceal a few things. The best-dressed women and the most sexy women are those who show off their assets and hide their flaws. One of the most important tips I can give you is to be comfortable in your clothes, because if you are comfortable and confident, you will be sexy! Therefore, you should only wear clothing you feel comfortable and confident in; clothing that hides your flaws and highlights your best features. Every woman's body has flaws she might want to hide, and every woman's body has assets she should want to flaunt. It is sometimes easy to get caught up in our flaws, but don't let them distract you from remembering your good parts! I suggest that you pick the three body parts that you consider "flawed" and pick the three body parts that you love most. Use these choices and refer to the "Conceal and Reveal Strategies" I will list next to get some tips on how to hide flaws and accentuate assets to become your most sexy self.

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